Spec Limit Capital Investment Focus
Investment Focus

Investment Focus
Spec Limit Capital intends to increase value by contributing both capital and operating management after an acquisition. The ideal investment candidates are niche businesses with retiring owner(s) that need a successor to run the business, firms that have outgrown their current management's skills, or spin-offs without a strong leader to run the firm as a standalone enterprise. While Spec Limit Capital is willing to consider a wide variety of transactions, its target criteria include:

Financial Criteria
$5-50 million of Sales
$1-5 million of EBITDA

Management Situation
Retiring owner(s) searching for a successor
Generational or management transitions requiring additional new management
Growing businesses that require management augmentation

Business Characteristics
Niche market leader
Defensible market position
Operational improvement opportunities
Clearly visible organic or add-on acquisition growth

Industry Focus
Niche manufacturing
Technical or engineering services
Value-added distribution with a service component

Spec Limit Capital works with a wide range of investment bankers, business brokers, lawyers, accountants, and other intermediaries for introductions to investment opportunities and is happy to honor pre-negotiated finder fee agreements.